We Will Remove the Threat and Worry of Negotiating with the IRS

Hi, I’m Richard. I help people just like you with their IRS tax problems everyday. I was a Senior Revenue Officer (Tax Collector) for IRS Collection for 33 years. And in those years I’ve received over 65 awards from the Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service, including a medal and commendation from President Reagan and the Secretary of the Treasury for saving an 8-year-old girl from a house fire.

But you know what? I got tired of being on that side, so I retired and formed a team of retired IRS Agents and Officers who became IRS Enrolled Agents (licensed by the IRS – but working for you) We practice tax resolution in all 50 states.
We are now on your side. We do everything that the IRS does, but now just from this side of the desk. We know what to expect from the IRS, because we were the IRS. We know audit and collection tax law better than anyone.
Our knowledge and experience lets us look at your case from your side and from the IRS side at the same time, which helps us to negotiate better much better than most anyone.
So get the IRS off your back – hire us, and the IRS can never call you, come to your home or your work – that’s my guarantee!


33 Years Experience On The Other Side

Who We Are
RMS Consulting, LLC is a tax consultation firm specializing in audit & collection tax resolution cases. RMS Consulting was founded by experienced and retired IRS Revenue Agents and Revenue Officers. We help individuals and businesses who face a tax audit or because they have not filed or paid taxes. We help get your tax problems resolved.
What We Do
We talk to the IRS so you never have to. We will represent you before the IRS in audits, collection, and criminal cases. This includes installment agreements, offers in compromise, trust fund recovery penalty investigations, audit representation, and appeals. We also offer a review of your tax return to reduce your risk of IRS audit.

Is Now On Your Side!


We have over 265 years of combined experience working for the IRS. We know what it takes to help you in your tax case.


We know the secrets that the IRS does not want you to know and we use that knowledge to save you money.


We specialize in large dollar audit and collection tax cases. We know every obscure detail of the IRS tax laws and how to make the law work for you, not the IRS.

We’re Here To Help

“The IRS is the most dangerous creditor in the world. The IRS can seize your cash, bank accounts, autos, business and most of your wages- all without ever once going to Court or getting a formal judgment. Learn how to stop the IRS before they stop you.”

Richard M. Schickel


Take Back Your Power that the IRS Thinks It Has Over You!