Rest assured that we can reach a resolution for you.

Tax preparation and planning, and asset protection to PROTECT you FROM the IRS.

IRS Collection

IRS tax collectors are trained to smile and be nice to you
then when you have told them all of your financial information, than attack.

You need our help to navigate IRS collections.

We will seek to prevent levies on your assets. We will strategize how to get them removed if they occur.


A Federal Tax Lien will destroy your credit for the next ten years. In many cases we can stop the IRS from filing a lien on lower balance due cases.


We will review your case and “Pre-Qualify” you for an Offer in Compromise.


Our tax experts will prepare your personal and business tax returns to give you maximum benefit of the tax laws.


– IRC 6672-Trust Fund Penalty Assessment


We will get you a reasonable payment plan and get penalties taken away.


This allows you to pay no money to the IRS for years into the future. We know the secrets that the IRS does not want you to know.


If you did not pay the employee taxes in your business, we can help.


Get the BEST possible terms in NEGOTIATING with the IRS.

IRS Audit/Examination

Never try to represent yourself in an IRS audit.
It will always cost you more money.
Let us help.

Our tax experts will review your tax return and formulate a tax strategy that will reduce your chances of an audit.


Currently the IRS does most of its audits through the mail, the rest are done in their office or in your home or business. We respond to every IRS audit letter promptly.


We use this tool to dispute IRS prepared tax returns and other IRS audits.


We will guide your case through appeals and have trusted legal counsel to fight the IRS in Tax Court.


Sometimes the IRS tells you that all your 1099 contractors are now classified as your employees. We can fight that for you.


REDUCE what you owe and get PROTECTION from CREDITORS.

IRS Criminal Investigation

  • What to do if a IRS Special Agent contacts you
  • Fraud and Embezzlement Investigations

Other Services

  • Find out if you can file bankruptcy and not have to pay your Income Taxes
  • Refund questions
  • Quickbooks bookkeeping
  • Business Operational Review to save you money