How much will this cost me?

We have a full range of fees for specific services and without going through your specific circumstances we cannot quote them up front. That is what we do in our initial interview, we ask about your tax problem and your personal and business finances and then we decide if we can help you out. Each case is different and it is impossible to quote a fee, since there are so many variables.

After we have reviewed your situation, we will give you a price quote and explain that you will need to pay a retainer before we begin our work before the IRS.

We will craft the perfect solution to your tax case, in many cases we have arranged installment agreements that take full advantage of all that the IRS allows in its Financial Analysis Review. In some cases, we have been able to have our client’s cases declared as “currently not collectible” and this means that they are not required to make any payments at all for at least the next two years.

We also offer counseling for individuals who owe under $25,000; we can guide you on what to do to represent yourself and your case before the IRS for $350.00. If you owe under $10,000, we can assist you for only $200.

Our rates are reasonable and at least 30-50% less than national tax resolution firms. Those firms are also slow to respond to your questions. RMS Tax Consulting works every case like it is our only case.

How long does it take to resolve my case?

We will give you a written list asking for documents that will be needed to represent the facts of your case. If they are provided in a timely manner, we will present them to the IRS and advocate for you.  Retainers are non-refundable.  If additional funds are required during the processing of your case, we will contact you in writing to explain why and how much will be needed for you to come to an acceptable arrangement with the IRS.

The IRS can take 4-6 weeks for simple requests and as long as three years to process offers in compromise and appeals cases. Each case is different, based upon your circumstances and IRS staffing, etc.