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Richard M. Schickel was a Senior Revenue Officer (Tax Collector) in IRS Collection for 33 years and retired in 2013. He has over 65 awards from the Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service, including a medal and commendation from President Reagan and the Secretary of the Treasury for saving an 8-year-old girl from a house fire. Since his retirement, he formed RMS Tax Consulting LLC. He and his team are enrolled agents licensed to practice before the IRS in all 50 states.

He has also written a book detailing his experiences of his life in the IRS, called IRS Whistleblower, which is available in bookstores and on Amazon. Richard also co-authored What to Do When the IRS is After You. Richard worked Offer in Compromise cases, and individual and business tax balance due cases. He made 22 successful criminal fraud investigations referrals. He also wrote a book on financial analysis for the IRS called The Asset Recovery Guide. This later became the basis for the Internal Revenue Manual Financial Analysis Handbook (IRM 5.15.1)

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REINA FREGOSO is a Tucson native and University of Arizona graduate who has 32 years of experience with the Internal Revenue Service.

She has extensive specialized experience in the collections division. As the Senior Revenue Officer, she was responsible for resolving and negotiating complex and unique cases with a Tax delinquency of over $100,000. She resolved the majority of collection due process cases prior to them being submitted to appeals.

Reina was an instructor for both revenue officers and offer in compromise specialists. Her experience includes Federal Tax Lien law including reducing a tax lien to a judgment; foreclosure of a notice of Federal Tax lien; seizure and sale of assets; redemption of real property; trust fund recovery assessments; community property tax issues; asset and financial evaluation; abatements; summons; garnishments; negotiating installment agreements and Offer in Compromises. She was the first Offer in Compromise Specialist to obtain an accepted and approved offer.

The 90% agreement rate she had as a Revenue Officer Examiner was due to her excellent negotiation skills and knowledge of the IRS policies and procedures. Her outstanding communication skills; various job experiences; and her extensive knowledge of the IRS organization contributed to her finishing out her career with the IRS as a IRS National Recruiter in which she conducted presentations and career fairs in four southwestern states to recruit the best candidate for the various occupations that the IRS offers throughout the United States. She is fluent in Spanish and the proud recipient of the Albert Gallatin Award.

KAY DETERS was a Tax Compliance Officer until retiring in 2014. She is an expert at interview skills and negotiating technical tax law issues.

Kay is known for her “meet and deal skills” and was able to resolve many complicated individual income tax matters. Many of her cases were resolved as “no change audits” and as refunds because of her careful questioning and reasonableness. She believes that educating a client is the key to preventing future non-compliance.

Kay is also a retired union steward for the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU). This gave her great focus and understanding into the mind of IRS Management and how they look at resolving audit cases.

GUADALUPE AGUIRRE was the Tucson Senior Tax Compliance Officer (retired) (formerly known as Tax Auditor) for 26 years until her retirement in 2013. She worked small business/self employed income tax cases. She specialized in income and expenses analysis during an audit, earned income tax credit, exemptions and deductions, and self employment tax issues.

Guadalupe is well known and respected by local tax professionals and was known to be firm but fair in her audit determinations. She is bilingual and able to represent Spanish speaking clients.

LAURI GOFF was a Revenue Agent and President of the Oklahoma chapter of the National Treasury Employees Union. She retired from the IRS in 2015 after 34 years. She also instructed many IRS classes and served as a negotiator with the union on numerous occasions. Lauri is also a co-author of What to Do When the IRS is After You.

WILLIAM G. DIEKEN was born in Sioux Falls, SD and raised in Hartford, SD.  He graduated from the University of South Dakota with a degree in Business Administration in 1971.  He worked various jobs in the construction industry while completing his degrees.  After college, he joined the United States Army and served as a Military Police Officer (MP) at Fort Huachuca, AZ.  After completing his military service, he attended the University of Arizona and received his Master’s Degree in business Education in 1971.

William joined the internal Revenue Service in 1979 as a Revenue Agent working in the Tucson, AZ  post of duty.  During his 34 year career, he audited a large variety of corporate, partnership and sole proprietorships tax returns as well as reviewing thousands of individual income tax returns.

He was known for his knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code, the Internal Revenue Manual and related case law.  He was respected by fellow employees, taxpayers and tax professionals for his ability to be firm but fair and reasonable in his tax audit work.

William was also a noted Classroom Instructor ,coach and mentor for new employees.  He worked with hundreds of IRS Examination/Audit employees, in this role for many years.

Prior to his retirement, William was the Senior Revenue Agent for Southern Arizona and in this role worked many complex and technical tax cases.  He retired from the IRS in January, 2014 and was awarded the Gallatin Award, which is the highest honor that the United States can give to civil service employees.

William is now affiliated with RMS Consulting LLC, a firm that helps people in trouble with the IRS.

GWEN GORE is an Enrolled Agent with a degree in Corporate Finance. Her 35-year government career began with the first 10 years in Social Security Administration as a claims representative. In this capacity she served as a claims representative taking claims for retirement, disability, widows benefits in addition to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. She then made a career change to IRS and served for 25 years with the IRS in many capacities. Her career began as a Tax Auditor and progressed to Supervisory Tax Auditor. Tax Auditors were responsible for auditing individual tax returns. During this time, she attended night school to get the requisite accounting requirements that she lacked for the Revenue Agent position and within a short time became a Revenue Agent and later a Supervisory Revenue Agent. Revenue Agents had the responsibility for auditing not only individual, but also corporate, partnership, trust and payroll tax returns. Always needing a challenge, she then moved to Supervisor over Special Enforcement Agents. Special Enforcement agents worked cases involving money laundering, Bank Secrecy Act, offshore accounts, criminal non-filers, and worked specifically with the Criminal Investigation Division for prosecution of criminal tax cases. Gwen served as an expert witness in some of these cases. In addition, during her tenure with IRS, she worked temporary positions in a Service Center for the classification of business tax returns for audit, she was a frequent instructor, including managerial only training, and she also worked temporarily as manager over a Customer Service Center “walk-in” group – working with both collection and examination issues. Her extensive experience gives her the knowledge now to provide the best advice and to advocate for the taxpayer.


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