Death & Taxes

Recently a fellow tax preparer who died very young. She had fifty clients who were in a panic; they counted on her to take care of them with their taxes. And she has done for the last 25 years. They got great work for a price that was last adjusted in 1998.

My business will assume responsibility for all the people who counted on her if they want to hire me. But I dread the phone calls when I tell them that an income tax return will be at least $175, and if they have a Schedule C business, it will be another $250. Believe me, those are the lowest prices for a 33-year veteran of the IRS licensed as an Enrolled Agent by the IRS.

In part, this is because of inflation. If you had
$1 in 1998, you would need $1.84 to have the same buying power.

I do some returns for the elderly and the broke for free, but we all need to pay for services. And she did a disservice by keeping them at those old prices. Now they will have shell shock for sure as they find a new preparer.

With my service, you get financial planning, tax advice and always pay the lowest tax rate applicable to your situation.

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