The Incredibly Shrinking IRS

The many headlines about the IRS are just so much shit! No credibility. Just Congress trying to protect their rich contributors from their old enemy an Internal Revenue Service Employee with the power to summons their financial information. I had that power as a Senior Revenue Officer with the IRS for 33 years.

I used to be one of those much feared agents who went after people who deliberately did not pay their taxes. The criminal types. I also helped people who did dumb things like day trading, and who inherited money and then bought businesses that they knew nothing about running. They lost all their money and incurred huge tax liabilities.

Congress gave the IRS the ability to hire 87,000 new employees over ten year. What the headlines did not tell you was that during that same time the IRS would lose about 57,000 employees due to attrition and retirements. The IRS had 146,000 employees in 1995 and now has only 67,000. The IRS is a weak paper tiger. All bark, no bite.

Why Should You Care?

The IRS is the primary Collector of all the money that comes into the United States Government. They have the W-2 employees sewed up. But right now it is estimated that there is $7 Trillion in uncollected taxes due the IRS and nobody is doing anything about it. That means the government is going to look at cutting benefits you have earned over the year, like Social Security.

Don’t believe the hype. If you have problems with the IRS give Rich Schickel a call at 1-520-448-3531 for a free consultation.

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