Are You Like A Turtle In It’s Shell?

I found a turtle the other day in my path. Turtles are quite common in Arizona, but I had never come across one before. I named her Laurie. She looked like she had gone through some major stuff in her life before she met me, nicks and marks on her shell. She was very shy and looked like she would have preferred to just stay in her shell most of the time, but the need to drink water and eat food compelled her almost against her will to come out and gather what she needed to survive.

She walked very slowly and deliberately, but when I offered her lettuce, she picked up her step and still moves like in slow motion. She saw the lettuce and had faith that by the time she got to it, it would still be there for her to eat. She had not waited for the lettuce or even expected it, but once she first tasted it – she loved it. Like she just had faith that some energy force(God) had grown that lettuce just for her.

I have never owned a turtle but I read about this kind. They are called Sonoran Desert Turtles and they dig burrows or live under rocks. They live to about 60-100 years and seem to prefer their own company except for mating. They are only active and out and about for about six months of the year.

Each day that I saw Laurie, we came to some mutual benefit. She acknowledged me and I acknowledged her. I could not give her anything she did not already have access to. I guess I was open and ready to receive her and that is why she showed up. Now I might be losing it, but after awhile she seemed to look at me between bites of lettuce and I think she gave me a half grin. It was enough to make me love her forever. I respected that she was just “being” and so was I and that we were both on the same path and that made me happy.

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