Democrats must deliver on Trumps Promises

Democrats Must Deliver Trump’s Promises

Democrats must deliver on many of the promises made by Donald Trump. We are an abundantly wealthy nation. If we trim our military spending we can afford to take care of our children, our elderly, our disabled, our veterans and every other person. We can make peace between neighbors in this country by taking away their fear of the future and replacing it with the hope and promise of a secure future. Together “We Can Make America Great Again.”

Democrats have been losing elections, because they are thinking like “losers,” they have a hopelessness that they put into every effort that they propose. Democrats should be selling clear plans on how to achieve common goals in good faith, knowing that it is only a matter of time before all the items listed below will become law.

Together we Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Trump supporters can move forward as one united, though diverse people as- “We the People of the United States of America.” This new “We,” will propose all this and more in the future. “We” will:

• Save and enhance Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cutting benefits.
• Let seniors and the disabled remain in their homes with their families for as long as possible and we will pay for it.
• Allow veterans to choose their own health care providers.
• Revamp our broken mental healthcare system to prevent violence.
• Require that all health insurance be available nationally, not just by each state.
• Re-make Obamacare into a single payer system available to every American and this will reduce costs overall.
• Educate our children and their parents for the jobs of the future.
• Raise incentives for people who enjoy working to continue on past normal retirement age.
• Mandate a national minimum wage of $15 per hour.
• Deliver an aggressive plan to rebuild our countries infrastructure.
• Reduce the national debt and government waste, using line item veto power.
• Open our borders to documented foreigners who seek work in the United States in jobs that American citizens do not like doing.
• Offer permanent residency to all undocumented immigrants who are currently in the USA.
• Revamp our income tax systems so that every American can earn $20,000 a year and pay no Federal income taxes.
• Eliminate the underground cash economy.
• Impose congressional term limitations and prohibit lobbyists.
If we do start talking to each other and discussing and debating our plans, hopes and dreams for the future, we can only expect more of the same.

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