Are You Terrified Of The IRS? IRS Audit Advice

Are you terrified of the IRS? If you are holding an audit letter in your hand, you have reason to be terrified.

This is why you should never try to handle an IRS audit yourself.

IRS audit agents are lethally experienced in interrogating taxpayers. They are the detectives of the IRS and they can appear to be very friendly when you first are contacted by them. It starts out simply enough you get a letter telling you that you are being audited and they list what tax and financial records that they will need in the audit. They are very polite and “the friendly thing” is just an act. They are trained to use that to ply information on your finances, your employment, your family and your lifestyle.

They will appear at your door one day and want to come to your house or business and revie3w your records. That is because they want to see how you live and if the income that you report on your tax forms is sufficient for your lifestyle.

Other times the agent makes you come into their office and plants you in the corner of a tight little cubicle where you have to juggle your tax papers because they don’t want you cluttering up their desk with you messy tax papers. Then it is like performance art. They start staring at your tax return and grunting or making red checkmarks on it.  It is very silent.

Then they practically jump over the desk and are deliberately aggressive and try to intimidate you. Or they take the approach of being your “best friend.” They ask personal questions about where you like to go on vacation or if you like to travel. Then you begin to trust them and then start bragging about the “stuff” that you own. You tell them about your luxury car and your vacation home and your trip last summer to Spain. They are so nice and then the agent notices that you only claimed income of $50,000. Then your life is instantly changed- and not for the better.  Usually, they go even further and ask about your kids and where they are going to school and where you are from. They are not being friendly- they are building your whole life into a model that they can attack.

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