Only 50 Days Until Your Income Tax Form Is Due

In only 50 days your income tax form is due to be filed with the IRS. For many of our clients, this is easy, they have a W-2 from their employer and their other tax information is easy to put together. They can look forward to receiving tax refunds.

However, most of our clients are self-employed and that means that they have to keep every piece of paper related to their business. Every transaction of their business should be done because they expect to make money. The IRS allows a business a great deal of leeway in deciding how to conduct its business.  But the bottom line is that they have to have a “profit motive.”

Most self-employed people love what they are doing, making or the services that they provide. Most self-employed people find doing bookkeeping, accounting and tax planning to be punishing events in their lives. That is normal. That is why RMS Tax Consulting LLC is in business to help small businesses and self-employed people survive in the jungle of the IRS Tax Code. We take care of what you hate to do.

We wanted to remind you that you should file your income tax return by April, 17, 2018 so that you can see clearly what happened with your business last year. Many self-employed people wait until the October extension date and then they have wasted most of the year looking back at 2017 and not making tax plans for 2018 or 2019. That is a big and costly mistake.

RMS Tax wants to offer you a free initial consultation and then we can tell you what we can do for you and your business that will save money now and in the future. We do tax planning, look at the legal structure of your business and determine if we can recommend changes that will protect your from liability and from paying unnecessary taxes.

Call Richard Schickel today at 520-448-3531 to get started.

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