Hey! Who Is Stealing My Tax Dollars?

Taxes make most people crazy! Hey! Who is stealing my tax dollars? What happened to my tax dollars is a question seldom asked by America’s taxpayers. Most are either too afraid of the IRS or numbed from just trying to keep up What happens to your tax dollars has long been a mystery to American taxpayers. There is literally so much money that it is easy to get confused. People who pay taxes would probably like to know that. Most of the money is already mandatory spending. That means that it goes for Social Security payments, and Medicare and Medicaid expenses, this accounts for 60% of the total budget. So Congress does not get to change this number. It has to issue those checks or people will suffer.

In fiscal year 2016 the Government took in $3.5 trillion in taxes, but it just did not have enough to go around so it borrowed another $587 billion. I am sure you understand, we all run short from time to time. I mean we the people already owe $17.4 trillion in debt. Strange that now we have more billionaires than ever before.

Out of this they paid $600 billion of our taxes to maintain the largest military force ever known to the world. That is 60% of all discretionary spending. Discretionary funding is what Congress is talking about with its budget every year. The other 40% is what is left for housing, transportation, to run the government the national parks and anything else that you can think of having to do with the U.S. federal government.

Nina Olson, the Taxpayer Advocate whose job is to watch the IRS and protect individuals from its abusive nature suggests that taxpayers be issued a letter explaining exactly where their money went. I think this is a great idea. It might stir people to ask more questions instead of just letting the Congress run off willy-nilly giving all of our money away to their friends and family.

Things have to change. The people that we elect have to talk to the other people that were elected and take care of the business of the United States people.

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