Never Full Pay Your IRS Debt

Never Full Pay Your IRS Debt! How can that be?

I am Richard Schickel, Enrolled Agent with RMS Tax Consulting LLC. I retired from the IRS after 33 years as a tax collector and now I represent people just like you, ordinary people who are in trouble with the IRS and owe back taxes.  Most of our clients owe over $50,000. This is because the IRS goes so aggressively after you if you owe under $50,000.

We have some 17 clients who owe the IRS over $1 million. We have dozens who owe hundreds of thousands of dollars and we have negotiated deals that allow them to pay little or nothing at all. The tax debt is on you for ten years, but we know how to make that time pass quickly, until you are once again free of your tax debt.

The IRS of 2018 is a huge collector of Federal taxes, and collects $3.1 Trillion a year. Thanks to the employee withholding system. Because I want to share a secret with you today. The IRS has lost 25% of it tax auditors, tax collectors, and criminal agents. So it is like a big old tiger with only a few teeth left. It is a mere shadow of what it was.

That being said, if you get the tigers attention it will hurt, a lot. It will drain you of your time, energy and money and be an experience that you will regret. That is why we practice tax resolution, we know how to deal with the IRS. We do it everyday. We know the IRS, because we were the IRS for many years.

Call Richard Schickel today at 520-448-3531 to get your free case consultation. We can take the worry and stress out of your life. We do amazing work, because we know what we are doing and do it very well.

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