Owing Back Taxes Hurts!

Owing back taxes hurts! Are you in trouble with the IRS? We can help. As of December 1, 2017 Enrolled Agent Richard Schickel is now providing taxpayers’ in tax debt with a free Tax Professional Consultation which includes complimentary guidance to anyone who wishes to handle their IRS tax resolution on their own without hiring an attorney.

The company is based in Tucson, Arizona and helps clients all over the country with their tax problems and is now, as of December 1, 2017, offering free guidance to any taxpayer that wants to resolve their tax debt on their own without hiring a tax attorney. The main thing that Richard Schickel wants Americans to know is that regardless of their financial circumstances there is always a solution to their tax problem and the solution is often times very favorable to the indebted taxpayer.

Richard Schickel, Enrolled Agent states “Having a free consultation with an Enrolled Agent-Tax Professional can make all the difference in the outcome of your case with the IRS or State Tax Department” and “this holds true even if you do not hire me to handle your case.”

Just learning your rights and your options as an indebted taxpayer is 90% of the battle in minimizing the effects of a lingering tax debt. “Many of my clients are amazed at the outcome of their case and how little of their tax debt they actually end up having to payback.”

“If a taxpayer can handle their case themselves, I am happy to guide them and give them some tips in doing so. I just want every indebted taxpayer to understand their options before they call the IRS because I see too many people overpaying everyday.” Richard Schickel.

IRS and State Tax Problems that Richard Schickel and RMS Tax Consulting Work on everyday.

 The IRS has several Notices it sends out and a variety methods of collecting upon taxpayers who owe taxes or are being audited. Richard Schickel knows what the IRS actions are and why the IRS does them. Here are some tax issues that they assist with:

IRS Notices
Wage Garnishment
Bank Levy
Unpaid Back Taxes
Unfiled Tax Returns
Tax Liens

For every tax problem there is a solution to match. The IRS can never put a taxpayer into a financial hardship nor put them through more than they can handle. Some of the major tax solutions RMS Tax Consulting LLC provides are:

Offer In Compromise
Currently Non Collectible – CNC
Wage Garnishment Release
Bank Levy Release
Installment Agreement

First, get a Free Consultation from Richard Schickel, by calling 520-448-3531 today.

“If taxpayers act quickly when receiving IRS notices, the issues can be mitigated quickly and before the IRS takes any of their money, assets, or property. A taxpayer has several rights and options and learning what these rights are is a huge step in achieving an optimal resolution.”

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