The IRS Is All About Fear

The IRS Is All About Fear

Dealing with the IRS is all about fear,  because it is a different world. If you face wage garnishment, tax levies, tax liens or other enforced collection actions, you may feel overwhelmed or confused about your options.

RMS Tax Consulting can offer guidance on these technical issues and help you identify potential solutions. Enrolled Agent Richard Schickel has negotiated with the Internal Revenue Service to resolve thousands of cases and his office is committed to finding a custom tax solution that enables you to move past your tax debt.

Whether you forgot to file a tax return, are preparing for an audit or have unpaid personal or payroll taxes, Mr. Schickel can help you understand your legal options. He also can offer guidance if you face tax penalties, carry expired tax debt, require assistance in preparing income tax returns or need to request abatement of tax interest and penalties. Mr. Schickel welcomes prospective clients to schedule a free consultation to discuss any of these issues. Call him today at 520-448-3531.

If you face collection actions, Mr. Schickel can help you explore various options for halting them. By seeking currently not collectible status, the law office may be able to help you obtain temporary relief from, or even prevent, an IRS levy, asset seizure or wage garnishment. You also might be eligible to permanently resolve your debt through an installment agreement or an offer in compromise. Additionally, if you were not aware that your spouse made errors on your joint return, you may be able to seek innocent spouse relief.

If you are in fear of what the IRS might do to you or if you are suffering because they have already taken action against you, we can help. Fear, worry and anxiety are what we deal with everyday, we make it so that you never have to talk to the IRS again. We take care of everything when you provide us with your personal financial information. Pre-planning is always the answer to dealing with the IRS.

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