IRS Revenue Officers – (Tax Collectors From Hell)

Some IRS Revenue Officers have been described as “Tax Collectors From Hell”

When you owe above $50,000 your case is transferred to the IRS Field Revenue officers. These are highly trained tax collectors who know how to find what you have. If you do not talk to them or work with them, you can expect them to become very aggressive and you need to know that they will start to make your life unpleasant with their levies (seizures) of you wages, bank accounts and this can escalate to seizing your house, your car or truck and your business.

These IRS employees are law enforcement officers and they think like a police officer. They are subject to threats, verbal harassment, physical, mental and emotional abuse and they are subject to physical danger as part of their job, everyday.  Stress is what they eat fro breakfast. They are under constant pressure to work and close their cases, but are not given sufficient resources to do so in an efficient manner. They are like free lance tax collectors. They are given cases and then released on the members of the public who did not pay their taxes.

Like the IRS and other IRS employees, they are hated by the public and even hated by the Congress which they work for and which pays them. Everyone in their right mind fears the IRS and the IRS Revenue Officers more.

Many people that they work with are drug dealers, gamblers, members of organized crime, the list goes on. So they get tough early in their careers. Any contact with a taxpayer can potentially erupt in violence, and Revenue Officers have been routinely assaulted, threatened, verbally abused and have their families threatened and harassed as well. it is one of the most hazardous and stressful jobs in the Federal Government.

Now when you come face to face with a revenue officer, you will understand why they talk to you like they do. At RMS Tax Consulting, we know how to talk to IRS Revenue Officers so that you don’t have to. That is because some of us were IRS Revenue Officers for 30 or more years. Call Richard Schickel at 520-448-3531 for your free consultation. Hiring us means you never have to talk to the IRS.

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