IRS Problems? You Need An Enrolled Agent – Not a Tax Attorney

IRS Problems? Why You Need An Enrolled Agent – Not a Tax Attorney 

When you have IRS problems such as past due taxes or you are being audited,. we can help. Enrolled Agents work on IRS audit and collection cases. A tax attorney will cost you $350 an hour, we charge $150 an hour. When you receive a threatening letter from the IRS or an IRS agent appears at your home/place and you are unsure what to do next, you should seek professional assistance.

Often times an individual may seek help from a local attorney who call themselves tax attorneys, but do not specialize in solely dealing with the IRS. They may be heavily involved in tax and estate planning for wealthy individuals and companies, estate law, family law, civil cases, personal injury, bankruptcy, etc., but are not familiar with IRS guidelines or tax law. Thus, they call themselves local but your case may be At RMS Tax, we are in Tucson, Arizona but more than half of our work is done in other states.

At  approach for your individual needs. Your case will be assigned to a team of  retired IRS agents who have worked hundreds of audit and tax collection cases before. Each case is different and some are very complex, but they are nothing new to these retired tax auditors, revenue agents, offer in compromise specialists and revenue officers. We know the IRS, because we were the IRS.

For each phase of your case (from tax preparation to financial analysis and negotiations), we have the personnel and experience required to reach the quickest and best resolution possible. Our structure is the most efficient and effective way to handle even the most severe IRS cases.

Here are some qualifications and experiences you should look for while choosing the best tax professionals to solve your IRS problems:

Professional Certification
Up-to-date Experience through working daily with the IRS
Full service tax firm (tax preparation, bookkeeping, and tax problem resolution)
We are Enrolled Agents who work with tax attorneys and CPA’s to help get you the best deal on your case with the IRS Enrolled Agents can all represent you before the IRS. The IRS grants these tax professionals the same authority to represent you. They all have equal access to the IRS computer and resources and can resolve your tax controversies. So why not choose a firm that can provide you with all three professionals and tailor a strategy according to your needs? Three heads are always better than one.

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