You Never Need A Tax Attorney To Resolve Your IRS Collection Case

You Never Need A Tax Attorney To Resolve Your IRS Collection Case

You never need a tax attorney to represent you in your  IRS or State Collection defense. Why? Because attorneys are good for one thing, suing people and suing the IRS. If your case has gone all the way thru the IRS, first through and audit investigation, then thru the appeals process, then to collection. You have already lost all of your chances to go to court to fight the assessment anyway.

Each type of tax professional is a specialist in certain things. CPA’s in tax planning and accounting, tax attorneys for tax planning and challenging IRS rulings on existing laws, and Enrolled Agents which is what all of the RMS Tax Consulting Team consists of is good for everything. As former IRS employees, we were charged with doing whatever cases were dumped on our desk. We know so many things about the IRS and tax law, that we have forgotten them. We are the jack of all trades people that can use our knowledge and information to get you the best deal with the IRS.

One chief problem we have with tax attorneys is cost. Now we deal with tax attorneys everyday. But we only pay them for the specific answers or services that we need. Most tax attorneys charge $250, $350 or more per hour. There is one in Chicago that makes $750 an hour. At RMS Tax Consulting, we charge $150 an hour. We usually work your case as part a of a package. Where we quote you a rate and it does not ever change.

Everyday we talk to potential clients who have paid $7,000 to $10,000 to tax attorneys to help t0 help upfront! Then after that runs out they can’t even get the lawyer on the phone. This is bad.

We offer you hope and help. We will work your case from start to finish. Please call Richard Schickel today at 520-668-3243 to get started.


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