IRS Tax Liens Against You Are Filed In Your County

IRS Tax Liens Against You Are Filed In Your County


Liens are a pain in your neck. If you owe the IRS tax money, one day you will receive a letter in the mail that tells you that a “Notice of Federal Tax L:ien,” has been filed in your name and your spouses name in the county where you live as well as in any other counties where the IRS thinks that you own property. This will devastate your credit. You will be denied credit and those who do grant you credit will offer you 24.99% interest rates. You may be denied a job you apply for and never really know why they did not choose you. An IRS tax lien can really mess up your life.

There are ways to avoid having these liens filed, sometimes you can even get them release if you go to sell your home. We know how to do anything having to do with IRS tax liens.  Our office handles IRS matters exclusively and we can easily resolve yours.  We know how to get wage levies released and sometime we can even get bank levies releases also.

When you select RMS Tax Consulting to handle your IRS troubles, you can begin to breath easy for a change. We negotiate with the IRS and the IRS cannot bother you at home or at your work. The IRS has to talk to the Enrolled Agent assigned to your case. In this case if it is a collection matter that would be me,. Richard Schickel, Enrolled Agent and retired IRS employee of 33 years. I know how the IRS works and how the IRS thinks. I can use that knowledge to get you the most favorable deal possible.

Owing the IRS can affect your whole life, but it does not have to destroy it. Call Richard Schickel today at 520-448-3531 and we can get started evaluating your case.

We provide you with an incomparable quality of service and skill. We are very reasonable and far less than any firm you hear advertised on the radio or television or find on the internet. We care and offer you hope and help.


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