Do Not Pay More Than You Have To For Tax Representation

Do Not Pay More Than You Have To For Tax Representation


Tax Representation is scary, some firms stalk potential clients. If you are reading this,  you already know what I am talking about. You have received IRS letters and then letters, emails and phone calls from those predatory tax representation agencies who promise you the world…right after you send them $3,000 to $7,000 just to get started. Once they get your debit card, they are almost impossible to reach. Believe me if you don’t hear back from them, then the IRS isn’t either on your tax resolution case.

We represent clients in all 50 states with their IRS and state tax agency troubles. We know what to do, because we do it everyday. We talk tax because we have all worked at the IRS for at least 25 years and all retired from there. We are Enrolled Agents who are licensed by the IRS as tax professionals who specialize in tax collection and tax audits. We know what the IRS is thinking and what they are looking for in your case.

We work with CPA’s and tax lawyers as needed regularly. What you need to understand is that unless you are going to sue the IRS, you don’t need a tax attorney.  You will have email and telephone access to the Enrolled Agent who is working your case and you can’t say that about large tax resolution firms. Plus you always work with the same person. We present you with several options and then counsel you on what wwill happen based on the choices that you make. You are always in charge of your own case decisions. We try to explain the tax language simply and try to fully answer all of your questions.

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