I Dream About The Internal Revenue Service

I Dream About The Internal Revenue Service


I dream about the IRS. No, I really do. Sometimes they are nightmares about the things that have happened over the years when I worked at the IRS and since. But sometimes they are solutions to the situations of my clients.

My clients are very special in that they bring their cases to me and these are a special mess. There are often so many variables with the the client should do or what the IRS might do.  It is very mind-boggling even to me at first. I know all the tricks of dealing with the IRS and even to me, it is a cluster****. But that does not last forever. Sleep lets me look at the case from many different perspectives and come up with innovative ways to apply the Internal Revenue Code to your situation.

I am able to present each one of my clients a few different models of how we can resolve their IRS troubles. Each plan has advantages to disadvantages. I list them all out and then I discuss it with my client. There are no bad choices  in an IRS negotiation. There are only bad decisions made when a client has talked to me, I set up a plan and then they do nothing. Month after month they do nothing. Then one day they call the me and tell me that the IRS has levied (seized) their bank account or their kids 529 college savings account and taken $12311. Or has levied their wages and is taking their $3,499 pay check.  I had already warned them of what the IRS is capable of. So this is no surprise to anyone but them.  By the way I can sometimes get some money back from a bank seizure back, sometimes for vital living expenses. But no guarantees. It is about 50-50 chance.

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