Owing The IRS Is Very Stressful – We Can Help

Owing The IRS Is Very Stressful!


STRESSFUL! Get rid of the stressful feelings  that come from owing the IRS. When you owe the IRS money or when they are auditing you, you feel fear, worry, anxiety and a huge amount of stress. That stress increases with every letter or phone call that you have with the IRS. It can make you emotionally drained and physically sick over a short period of time. Sometimes you have made mistakes on your tax return and you owe money or even more money, but thqt does not mean that you should get the third degree from the IRS.  But in fact, most times you get the worst treatment from how you perceive your own situation. You make it worse, with feelings of guilt and regret. This is all very normal for us at RMS Tax Consulting to meet our potential clients and we hear these stories all day long.

But we worked for the IRS for a very long time and we knew the IRS because we were the IRS. We know what the IRS can do for you and also what they can do against you. Your best relationship with the IRS is no relationship, but if you are reading this, you are past that point. You need knowledge of the tax code and people who are experienced in dealing with the IRS.

After RMS Tax Consulting has reviewed your situation and we offer the ways that we can help resolve your case, we are very proactive to try to get you the best terms with the IRS. Each case is completely different. We offer you hope and help because we care. We do not like to see anyone screwed over by the IRS. Call Richard Schickel today at 520-448-3531 to get started.

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