I Want To Prevent the IRS Despair That Comes From Having IRS Troubles

I Want To Prevent the IRS Despair That Comes From Having IRS Troubles


Preventing IRS Despair is my life. Everyday I get phone calls from people who have the IRS after them and many of them are well meaning honest people who have fallen on hard times. Sometimes it is the economy, or their behavior or a hundred other things like the affects of death, drugs, drinking, divorce.

I feel so bad for them. They have tried on their own to do what the IRS is telling them to do, but they don’t know the IRS system and so one step forward is two steps back every time.  I had a call the other day from a man who owed $150,000 and he was able to raise $50,000 so IRS told him that would let him get an installment agreement for the balance as it was under $50,000.  You can resolve most cases under $50,000 yourself. See my blog posts to tell you how.

What the IRS did not tell him is that he also owes for 2016 another $30,000 and will owe for the 2017 taxes another $50,000. So they denied him an installment agreement. Because you always have to be “current,” with “current tax payments.”  What exactly in the hell does that mean…you might ask.  It means that all the taxes in the current year must be paid. In his case he should be making deposits using the EFTPS system for the 2017 taxes at least 4 payments throughout the year.

He should have called me a long time ago so I could have developed a tax strategy to make this a much simpler problem. Now it is more complex and will make it harder when I represent him because the IRS will think that he is rich or hiding money and that is why he was able to pay the $100,000.


This will all work out for him. I know that, I do this work everyday and have for the last 37 years. But he did not know that and he said that he was almost suicidal because he was just so frustrated. Never despair, call Richard Schickel, I hoffer help and hope. I will get you straight with the IRS, I promise.


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