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Need Help with IRS or State Back Taxes?


We will find you relief from the burden of living with back tax debt owed to the IRS or State.
RMS Tax Consulting LLC  is a site dedicated to helping individuals resolve IRS and State Back Tax problems that arise from unpaid State and federal back taxes, unfiled returns, late filings, and more. We provide help with tax problems with educational information and through our partner tax resolution services.

Below is a list of the most common problems arising from unpaid back taxes and solutions to dealing with unpaid back taxes. If you do not know the best solution to your tax problem, click on your tax problem for information about that problem as well as possible solutions for dealing with that problem.

Tax Problems
Can’t Pay Back Taxes
Unpaid taxes is the start of the IRS collection process, so take action early to prevent penalties and interest. Find the best solution for your Federal Back Taxes situation.

IRS Penalties and Interest
Penalties and interest arise from the Internal Revenue Service determining you have unpaid back taxes or you have made a late filing, understand your options and possible get some penalties removed.

IRS Notices and CP Letters
Once the IRS determines you owe back taxes they will then begin their automated notification system and start sending a series of letters before they take collection actions. Understand what to do, based on the IRS letter you have received.

Tax Lien
A tax lien is the first step the IRS takes toward actual forced collection of back taxes owed. A lien will significantly hurt your financial situation and future ability to take out loans or borrow on credit.

Tax Levy
A tax levy is the the strongest weapon of the IRS, this is when they will begin seizing any assets and property that they can legally take from you
IRS Wage Garnishment
IRS wage garnishment is one of the most common forms of levy used by the IRS. Understand how a wage levy works and what can be done to release the levy.
IRS Bank Levy
An IRS bank levy can be a financially devastating collection mechanism used by the IRS. Understand how the process works and what can be done to stop the levy or prevent the IRS from using a bank levy again.
Unfiled Tax Returns
Unfiled returns can lead to some of the biggest problems with the IRS. It is best to file as soon as possible to prevent any IRS actions against you.

IRS Audit
If you are one of the unlucky few that gets picked for an audit, understand what an audit entails to ensure you take the appropriate actions.

Small Business Tax Problems
Common problems small business face when it comes to dealing with the IRS.
Every business owner should be aware of the common problems because the IRS can easily destroy any business.

Tax Solutions
Tax Settlement
Understand what a tax settlement is, who the IRS offers them to, how a tax settlement works and how you can settle taxes owed with the IRS.

File Back Taxes
File your back taxes ASAP. The IRS sticks by its principal of not prosecuting people who voluntarily file their old tax returns. Don’t think the IRS won’t find you because they will. The IRS has a slow, but efficient computerized system.

IRS Payment Plans / Installment Agreements
There are multiple ways of paying back taxes to the IRS. The most common method is through an installment agreement. If you cannot pay the minimum payment amounts required, you may be able to qualify for a partial payment installment agreement.

Currently not Collectible OR Prove Financial Hardship
Temporarily stop collection actions against you by proving you to not have the means to pay. You will need to qualify.

IRS Penalty Abatement
Remove penalties and interest you received from paying or filing your taxes late. There are many excuses the IRS will accept that will allow you to eliminate the majority of your penalties and possibly some of the interest.

Filing Unfiled Tax Returns
It is never to late to file your returns. It is best to do it before the IRS finds you. Gather the proper documentation or hire the appropriate tax professional to file your returns.

Offer In Compromise
If you ever heard of settling for pennies on the dollar, this is how it is done. With an offer in compromise you can settle IRS taxes for far less than the actual amount owed if you meet a strict set of qualifications determined by the IRS.

Pay Back Taxes
Some ways you can pay off your tax amounts owed. Understand the different ways you can pay back the IRS. These are general guidelines that can help you become more efficient and save you time and money when resolving your unpaid taxes.

Settle Back Taxes
Ways to settle back taxes with the IRS. Find out what is the best way for you to settle based on your current financial situation.

Settling Business Payroll Taxes
Resolving payroll taxes cannot be an easy task since the IRS considers being delinquent on these types of taxes stealing. You still have your taxpayer rights and this type of taxation can still be resolved.

Back Taxes Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions and answers to common questions about back tax problems.

Resolve Your Tax Problems Today
Millions of Americans have back taxes. Owing back taxes to the IRS is stressful, and negligence worsens things. The IRS has powerful collection mechanisms, so taxes need to be resolved before the IRS garnishes your wages, puts a lien on your home, or levies your bank. If you can describe your problem, a tax professional can suggest a solution to resolve your tax issues.
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