Why Was I Selected for an IRS Audit?

Why was I Selected for an IRS Audit?

Were you selected for an IRS Audit? Or are you being  audited by the Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization, Employment Development Department or other State Department of Taxation? Don’t let an IRS Audit ruin your life, you need help and that is what we do at RMS Tax Consulting LLC.

If you choose to go it alone and handle the audit yourself, you may experience feelings of helplessness and frustration. Nervousness may cause you to say the wrong thing to the auditor exposing yourself to more potential liability. The auditor may take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the audit process. Worse yet, you may be overcome with the fear that your case may be referred to criminal investigations for criminal prosecution.
Pause…..take a deep breath.

Just because a taxing authority has decided to audit you, does not mean you have to be pushed around. Every taxpayer has fundamental rights of due process, fairness, and the right to representation – even if the auditor “forgets” to explain this to you.

Protect your rights!

Be firm with any tax auditor regarding your rights and behave in a professional and courteous manner. Don’t let the auditor confuse you and make sure s/he explains everything fully.

What are the Risks of Not Hiring a Tax professional?

Due to budget cutbacks, many government auditors may not have the time necessary to perform a comprehensive review of all appropriate documents. The auditor’s function is to ensure compliance with the law… However, assessments made as a result of the audit help to fund the government. Due to this inherent conflict in the auditor’s role, it is difficult for the auditor to be objective and ensure the taxpayer’s rights are fully protected. The auditor naturally feels a loyalty to the IRS and to the government. It is relatively common for an auditor to ask the taxpayer for information and not explain how the information will be used, or worse yet, not explain what will happen if the taxpayer cannot provide the information. Most taxpayers have no familiarity with the audit process. The auditor is aware of this and may use it to their advantage. In either case, this can lead to an erroneous conclusion on the part of the auditor and can result in an incorrect assessment. The IRS may also assess large penalties in addition to charging interest. This can cause your tax liability to significantly increase.
Ultimately, this can cost the taxpayer thousands of dollars.

Would you go into a court room without a lawyer? Of course not, so why go into an audit without a tax professional enrolled agent?
Don’t take chances…..hire a skilled tax attorney who will vigorously and objectively defend your rights.
RMS Tax Consulting LLC is highly skilled at audit representation.

Our breadth of audit experience can assist our clients with a wealth of insights on how best to handle their audit and limit their exposure. We will guide you through the process and explain step by step what is needed and why. Our firm has a strong representation with the audit groups and can use this to your advantage.

If you have any questions or we can further assist you, please call Richard Schickel at 520-448-3531

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