Should You Hire An Ex-IRS Employee To Work Your Case?

Should You Hire An Ex-IRS Employee To Work Your Case?


Where do Ex-IRS employees go? The best ones go to work for RMS Tax Consulting LLC.

Hiring and Ex-IRS Employee can be either a great or a bad decision. Because there were some great employees and some slugs who worked at the IRS. It might make sense that if you hire a retired IRS employee, you will get the best representation and maybe the person you hire will even know some of the IRS employees as friends that he will work with on your case. First, the IRS does not work like that. Second sometimes you can get great representation like when you read the biographies of the associates of the RMS Tax Consulting Team and then hire us to help you with your tax problem.

Just because someone is an ex-IRS agent  or officer doesn’t mean that they really have the appropriate knowledge or temperament to handle your tax debt matter appropriately. There are many different jobs in the IRS, some people are tax collectors (revenue officers) some are revenue agents who do field audits, some are office auditors, some are in appeals and some are criminal agents. So just because they worked for the IRS does not mean that they have experience in what you need in your IRS case.  Some IRS employees, when they quit or retire from the IRS want to get into the business of representing tax payers. The IRS give them automatic licenses if they qualify, no skills or aptitude testing to become Enrolled Agents, a couple of other issues that you need to consider when hiring someone to represent you in tax matters. We have associations with CPS’s and tax attorneys so we are a full service firm.

We know each associate personally and over many years. We have rejected some former IRS employees who wanted to join us, because they still think like IRS tax collectors or auditors. We do not want those people. We want people who know that they are no longer working for the IRS, they are working for you.

Give Richard Schickel a call at 520-448-3531 and we can discuss how are retired IRS employees can help you.

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