My Tax Books Can Change Your Life

My Tax Books Can Change Your Life

I have written two tax books that share the secrets of the IRS. They can help to save you from the IRS. Below are reviews from the Inger Sekeki of the
Arizona Daily Star.

“IRS Whistleblower: My 33 Years as an IRS Insider Will Show You the Secrets of How to Engage the IRS and Win”

By Richard M. Schickel (Richard M. Schickel and RMS consulting LLC, Amazon & Kindle)
Thinking of stiffing the Feds? Think again. Really: Think again. According to former senior revenue officer (tax collector) Richard M. Schickel, the Internal Revenue Service is comprised of a snarling pack of jackals — with a few less snarly, but just as capable — aching to go for your scofflaw jugular.
In “IRS Whistleblower,” Schickel describes the history of the agency, its appointed mission, its bureaucratic organization, official procedures and abuses of power. From his experience, the agency and tax system are riddled with corruption, from the inefficiencies of outmoded technology and budget-imposed staff reductions through anxiety- and paranoia-inducing employment intimidation, to a culture of illegal activity and of anti-Semitism and racism, and to fundamental inequities in the tax system.
Note that Schickel now runs a tax-resolution firm, but the many stories he tells in this book are convincingly sobering.
“The IRS loved it when I enforced promptly,” he writes. “If you had an appointment with me at 9 a.m. and failed to show up, I would drive to your bank at 3 p.m. and seize whatever cash you had.”

“What To Do When the IRS Is After You: Secrets of the IRS as Revealed by Retired IRS Employees”

by Richard Schickel, Lauri Goff and William G. Dieken, with Valerie Porter. (By Richard M. Schickel and RMS Consulting LLC $19.99)
This book is for those who ignored the advice above and tried to pull one over on the IRS or just received one of “those” letters from the agency. Tax consultants Schickel, Lauri Goff and William G. Dieken, all former agents with the IRS, explain the agency’s investigation of taxpayer returns.
They reveal the nature of tax audits and walk the reader through the process, including appeals. The writers also give general tax advice, make a sales offer and provide a list of fast IRS facts, including the following: “Never ignore a letter or a phone call from the IRS. The IRS never forgets and never just goes away.”

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