IRS Letter In Your Mail?

IRS Letter in Your Mail?


Is there an IRS letter in your mailbox?

Opening a notice or letter from the IRS can be worrisome. It is rarely good news. Even if it isn’t an audit, it may be some kind of correction to your return, a query about it, a request for payment, a request for a return, or worse. It may be a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, or even a Notice of Levy. For many, a notice of audit may seem especially worrisome, because it brings so many uncertainties. Of course, audits are statistically rare. Even the IRS admits that audits are rare. But that fact is hardly a comfort if you happen to be the one audited. Any IRS action can be fraught with uncertainty, fear, and even grief. If you find yourself in one of this situations contact a tax professional like Richard Schickel at 520-668-3243 at RMS Tax Consulting LLC for help.

You would be surprised to learn how many people I have known over the last 37 years in the tax business who were too afraid to open any letter from the IRS. Many of them treated the letter like it was important, they were even respectful of it. Many saved the unopened letter (s) in a drawer in the front hall. The problem with letters from the IRS is that there is never just one letter. There are usually 3-6 letters over a period of time. The letter might be a simple inquiry about something that you put on your tax return. But then, when you fail to respond the IRS assumes that you lied or are trying to hide something. So it goes ahead and changes your tax and now you have big problems.

Or worse than that, is when they are going to audit you, then when you fail to open the letter or respond, then they do audit you and you owe more taxes. That is really bad, because then you have lost many rights to tell your side of the story. Bad news for you all around.

Worse still is when you file your tax return and you know that you owe taxes. Again you have many rights and lost opportunities to resolve the case more simply…if only you open the letters.

That being said, I will not judge you if you call and make an appointment with me at 520-668-3243, that is a start. I will open the letters and find out what kind of a mess you are in. I will talk to the IRS so that you never have to. Lets get started.


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