Why Do I Charge $150 an Hour to Help You?

Why Do I Charge $150 an Hour to Help You

My hourly charge is $150 an hourĀ  because I have everything that you need to get the fairest possible arrangement with the IRS. I am selling you 37 years of experience in both the IRS and private tax resolution. I have information, wisdom, knowledge of the IRS tax code and internal IRS systems; I know how IRS employees think and feel about your case.

I think like an IRS employee that is now working for you. I can see everything from the other side of the desk now. I know what the IRS can do to you, what they will do to you, what they might do to you and what they won’t even think of trying to do to you if I am your tax representative. In fact, IRS employees usually like me, because I do all the work for them in their case, I prepare the financials and say the right words, respectfully and kindly while at the same time catching their attention and directing it to the facts figures and circumstances that I want them to see. I stay on them; I keep them focused on the easiest way for them to close their case, which is how I want it to close for you.

Second, I can charge that much, because I am a concierge level tax service. I work major cases where millions of dollars are at stake. I am thinking about your case 24/7 taking notes, and coming up with strategies to save you from the IRS situation that you find yourself in.

Third, I am very discreet and confidential, because we will be discussing every aspect of your financial and personal life. I will ask a great many questions so that I know all the answers before the IRS even asks the questions. That way I can put my sway on the answers. Forewarned is forearmed.

Fourth, most of my clients are or were wealthy and important people, owners of companies that had millions of dollars in revenue and sometimes hundreds of employees. I am strong enough to help them plot a new course in their future lives. This is often very difficult, especially with entrepreneurs. But most of my clients come out of their IRS situation in a sturdier financial position. I am not afraid to so “No'” and gently direct their course.

Fifth, I only charge $150 an hour, which I think is reasonable. A CPA in my area charges $250 an hour, and a Tax attorney charges $350 an hour. Those nasty, aggressive tax firms that you see on the internet, TV, and radio price gouge and I have heard of them charging a $7,000 fee on a $17,000 tax balance. I ask for a healthy retainer. Usually $1,500 to $5,000. In most cases that are enough for me to offer a comprehensive package of services all for one set price upfront. I can work with you for a month of two if you are short on your retainer when we start. The retainers are paid in advance because all of my clients have failed to pay the IRS, so I know that if I am to work for them, I need to be paid upfront.

Six, the taxes you owe are usually either income taxes or employment taxes, which means that the money that the IRS is chasing you for was or maybe still is in your hands or passed through your hands.

The IRS is very complex and confusing, and it is difficult to maneuver all by yourself. Please call Richard Schickel at 520-448-3531 and we can begin to get you sorted out.


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