Enrolled Agents- What Do They Do?

Enrolled Agents – What Do They Do?


Enrolled Agents – What do they do? What are they exactly. This blog post gives you some idea.

This is a great video- even though it promotes another enrolled agent’s business, simply because it answers so many questions about what we as  enrolled agent do and are We are licenses to work anywhere in the United States on tax matters. We can represent people before the IRS and state and local tax agencies. I became an enrolled agent because I worked for the IRS for 33 years as a tax collector. No longer an IRS employee, I owe them no loyalty. Everything that you tell me is completely confidential. We do not tell them anything about your case. I am a subject matter expert on all matters having to do with IRS Collection. My associates and I have  worked for the IRS and are now enrolled agents and they specialize in offer-in-compromise, appeals, audits, and criminal investigations. Together we replicated the IRS but now as a private business.

My business, RMS Tax Consulting LLC http://rmstaxconsulting.com is ready to help you. We offer a free 15 minute consultation to determine if we can help you. Call Richard Schickel at 520- 448-3531. So we can get started. Sometimes, after you have told me your story, I can quickly and simply tell you what to do so that you can resolve the case with the IRS yourself.  This happens about a third of the time.

For most people who become my clients, their case is anything but easy. It is a major pain in the neck to them and their business and their family. After they retain me, they are often so happy, some even start crying, because it is such a relief for them to turn their case, indeed their future over to someone who cares. I and my team have people who care. People with the knowledge and wisdom to get things done.

Yes the IRS is big and confusing and scary, but not to us, we were the IRS so we are not afraid. Weary perhaps of fighting the good fight but not afraid. We work every case like we were working for a member of our family.

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