Fear Of The IRS Is No Way To Live

Fear of the IRS Is No Way To Live

Fear of the IRS Makes Your Life Miserable.Living in fear of the IRS is no way to live.

I am Richard Schickel, Enrolled Agent and I get phone calls everyday with people who have made mistakes, on purpose or for ton of other reasons. I talk to them about events in their lives that caused them to owe the IRS. This usually include death, adultery, divorce, issues with alcohol and drugs, depression, deception, changing market conditions, and many issues that affect them eventually with their taxes. One of the biggest things is that they are trying to keep other people happy and provided for at their own expenses. When you are self employed, there is sometimes a lot or money and sometimes very little or no money at all. But many of my clients have partners or families that have gotten used to the high times and do not yet know what low income times feel like.

The IRS is a big intimidating fear producing dragon and it knowingly uses that fear, worry, and anxiety that it is known for to force people to make installment agreements for more than they can afford. The IRS does not care about anything but closing the next case, your case as quickly as possible. The IRS does not want to hear how you think the case should be resolved.

The IRS is after you and it is causing so much fear and worry in your daily life. You are so screwed. Or maybe not.

Most of my clients start by telling me that they want one of those “Offers In Compromise,” (OIC) that they have heard so much about on TV. I evaluate every case using the IRS – OIC Pre-Qualifier. Sadly, most cases do not fit the IRS profile for OIC. Then we usually move on to the client telling me that they want to pay $250 a month. Again, no one at the IRS gives a damn about what you think or feel or what caused the taxes to go unpaid. The IRS does not care.

But I care and I will make the IRS care about the circumstances of your case. I get you the full benefit of every part of the audit and collection tax law. I have happy, satisfied clients.

After working at the IRS for 33 years I retired and still wanting to be of service to taxpayers  so I opened  a small concierge level tax service that specializes in tax resolution called RMS Tax Consulting LLC.. My usual clients are people who are very wealthy, successful and all have run into circumstances in life that have caused them to be tripped up over taxes.  I try to do the right thing for each client and since I only work a very select level of clients which includes dentists, doctors, lawyers, real estate developers and heads of businesses. I can give each client my full and almost immediate attention. I work for you 24 hours a day until we come up with a tax strategy for now and the future that will satisfy you and the IRS will just have to have to live with that. Please call me, Richard Schickel at 520-668-3243 and lets get started.


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