Greed Follows Prosperity and We Follow Greed – IRS

The Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS is very scary. They will investigate every part of your life, financial and otherwise seeking to prove that you evaded paying taxes. Their goal is to put you in jail. But they only prosecute less than 4,000 cases a year. Of those they convict 90% and most of those people go to jail. Period. But you need to know that you must be very special to have been selected forĀ  their review. Many people violate the tax laws. But the IRS only goes after those cases which are the most egregious, the worst tax scofflaws. Usually that is because people got greedy, and did not want to file tax returns or share any tax dollars with Uncle Sam at all. That is when you find two armedĀ  IRS Criminal Agents at your front door dangling handcuffs in front of your nose. That is when you know you are in deep trouble. Call Richard Schickel at RMS Tax Consulting LLC at 520-448-3531 and we can get you sorted out.

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