Ex-IRS Enforcer Shares Tax Strategies

I am a retired IRS tax collector. I had a fancy title “Senior Revenue Officer for Southern Arizona.” But really I was a tax collector, a profession as old as time. Tax collectors are even written about in the Bible. What a tax collector does is to hurt people, yes, they also collect tax dollars, but it is never without a cost to the people who owe the taxes.

There is a good chance that you or someone in your family owes taxes to the IRS or a state tax authority. So you probably already are cursing your bad luck and wondering how you got into that mess. And it is a mess, a big mess, a big scary mess. Fear, worry and anxiety are some of what a taxpayer with a tax balance feels. But then you will add frustration and anger to that mess, if you try to contact the IRS and “get things straightened out on your terms.”

You think that you are being a standup guy, taking responsibility for your nonpayment of taxes. You may call the IRS and tell them that you really want to full pay your taxes and the IRS just needs to take those huge penalties and interest off your account. The rest of the phone call just gets worse. You end up telling the IRS information that hurts your case, penalties and interest are never removed if you do it this way.

I was a tax collector, and IRS enforcer, who hurt people. I was taught that, and I was very good at it for 33 years. I wrote two books about my old life. But what I do since I retired is to help people with tax problems. I remove the fear, I get the penalties taken off, I make deals with the IRS that they can live with. I talk to the IRS in the words that the IRS understands, because I was the IRS for 33 years. I can help you today. Please call me at 520-448-3531 and lets get started cleaning up your tax mess.

When that is cleared up, I will plan your tax future so that you can take advantage of every reduction in tax that you legally qualify for. Read more tax strategies in my book.


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